Discover a secret!
Everything you need to know about working in Albury Wodonga
Discover a secret

If you're a busy medical practitioner frustrated by the daily grind of trying to balance work with family life and wanting to find space for yourself too, it's time to think about a tree-change and take up practice in Albury Wodonga.

Doctors in Albury Wodonga have the best of both worlds, enjoying modern, first class medical facilities with a leisurely lifestyle.

Straddling the NSW/Victorian border at the Murray River and barely more than an hour's flight from Sydney and forty-five minutes from Melbourne, Albury Wodonga has a secret. It gives you the opportunity to live in a vibrant modern city while enjoying a relaxed river-side lifestyle that city dwellers can only dream about.

The combined cities have a population approaching 90,000. Enough to make a professional career satisfying, but not so many that it carries the burden of living in a city of millions.

Everything you need to know about living in Albury Wodonga
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